Early Signs of A UTI

Early Signs of A UTI

"Every time I go pee, my insides hurt. It’s really hard to explain the pain, sort of like muscles spasms and then goes away just in time for me to have to go pee again.  I went to my urologist and they checked my urine and the results were negative. It’s miserable and not having any answers as to why this is happening is very frustrating. "

One of the more frustrating experiences with UTIs is the common inaccuracies of urine tests. If you've had UTIs before or are prone to chronic bladder infections - it's crucial to take note of the early signs of a flare-up and not just rely on the standard tests. Because as we all know, the earlier you catch an infection, the easier it is to treat it.

So what should you be on the lookout for?

1. Strong-smelling urine

Ever wake up and go to the bathroom and suddenly notice your pee smells a bit funky? If your urine has a strong ammonia smell or gives off a slightly sweet but unpleasant scent, it’s your body’s unsubtle way of alerting you to a possible UTI.

2. Cloudy/bloody urine

Under normal circumstances, urine is clear and has a light-yellow color. But when you have an infection anywhere in the urinary tract, it can cause bacteria to appear in your urine, giving it a cloudy, bloody, or murky appearance. So if your urine’s yellow, you can mellow. But if it’s cloudy… not so much.

3. Pain when you pee

The pain can be very intense and usually persists for several minutes after you empty your bladder or it can start of subtle and get stronger as the day goes by (if left untreated).

Up to 8% of girls and 2% of boys will get a UTI by age 5 and some may not yet have the ability to describe this symptom in words. So be on the lookout if you notice discomfort or if the grasp their private area when they urinate. Some kids who already have been toilet trained lose control over their bladder, and may wet the bed.

4. Frequency

Know the feeling when you go to the toilet, relieve yourself, then feel the immediate need to rush back in there and pee again? That's your body trying to flush out the bacteria that's causing your UTI.

So What Now?

Remember that early care is the key to preventing your UTI. So here are a few tips for managing your care:

1. Prebiotics

There are thousands of various live organisms in and on your body at any given moment. They coexist and form a holistic ecosystem, helping your immune system defend you from pathogenic bacteria. There are good bacteria and pathogenic bacteria and your goal for a balanced ecosystem is to have more good bacteria than bad. Your good bacterias’ food called “prebiotics”.That's why our patent-pending formula includes prebiotics that help deliver what your digestive system needs give your body a fighting chance against infections.

2. D Mannose

A good bacteria balance is extremely important to bladder health. One of the main ingredients in femiNature are designed to flush out bacteria urinary tract. D Mannose is a naturally occurring sugar with anti-adherence properties that keeps bacteria from sticking to the walls of your bladder and urinary tract.

2. Water

Your main goal when you feel UTI creeping up on you is to flush the bacteria out of your body. Guess how you do that? By drinking lots and lots of water and peeing it all out.

Drinking at least 10 cups a day is crucial in the first few days surrounding a flare up so make sure you stay hydrated and try to empty your bladder completely every time you relieve yourself.